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Cultural change viewed as a grieving process

Troy Dumoulin of Pink Elephant wrote an excellent post about Cultural Change viewed as a grieving process. It is written about ITIL change but it applies to any organisational change and it is brilliant stuff.

ultimately the challenge is to get your people off the comfortable couch of now, move out their door of the present and start towards a new normal. All of this new activity represents a departure from the status quo and often results in a grieving process for what has been left behind even when their current situation was not all positive your people are used to it and they like or at least are comfortable with what they are used to!! ...

The model comes from the research of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and was originally developed to help understand the stages of grief people transition through as they cope with the loss of a family member or loved one. The interesting thing is that this same model can be applied directly to understanding the emotional state of the people you are guiding through the transformational change and who experience very real emotions of anger, loss, depression through to the eventual acceptance and integration of the change.

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