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he Tangata model 2


Useful Org Chg approach

Hi Rob,
Nice work :)

Thought you might also find this approach of interest...



This is an interesting model. It appears to be a composite of individual measures (personality types), organisational constructs (climate & culture), outcomes (performance) and factors (feedback etc).

I wonder how it all hangs together? In a century of study organizational researchers have not quite produced a general theory of the workplace, mainly because the complexity is so overwhelming.

That's why this is particularly fascinating...


Is that a polite way of saying what a mishmash? :)

I want to come up with a model that guides us in all areas to pay attention to in cultural change, how they inter-relate and how to address them, what levers to pull. Not asking much :)

Not as such...

Hey Rob,

I do like what you're trying to do. Firstly you're right - people are the issue. However I do rail against the much mis-used term "cultural change". Measuring culture is incredibly difficult, changing it even more so (how many times have you encountered a cultural change program where culture is measured at point one, and then assessed again after the transformation?). Culture is a slippery and deep construct and even the leading thikers in this area warn against entering into change programmes lightly.

I'm an occupational psychologist (and ex ITSM practitioner) I'd love to discuss these issues with you, but for the moment, perhaps I can refer you to my blog and company website



is there a better term than "cultural change"?

I too have been uncomfortable with the term "cultural change" of late. but it is widely used and accepted. is there a better term? needs to describe the fact that what we are trying to change is attitudes and behaviour - the nature of the organisation - not just processes and technologies

I think one needs to bear in mind that what we in IT are talking about is generally "incremental cultural change" - we aren't talking about the wholesale transformations occasionally attempted (and even more occasionally achieved) by new CEOs

I'd avoid the term "Change"

Change is bad. Or atleast that is the opinion of the general population. Perhaps, Cultural Shift or Environment Shift, or maybe even Perception Shift. I kinda prefer Perception myself. It gives the user room to be themselves but yet have thier own view of the situation. Becoming a "Solution finder" instead of a "Problem finder" is a shift of perception, enough people make the shift and the culture will be changed as a result.

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