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How to use this site

The menu at the top leads you.

"The People" tells you who is participating. Please join us by registering, to discuss, to contribute, and to share.

"The Journey" is a chronicle of the things I learn and the ideas we form as we develop he Tangata: this website and eventually (this year 2009!) a book. It is the story of our journey to form an idea, a message for the IT community: People First. Clicking on "The Journey" starts you from the beginning. There is a "next" link at the bottom of each blog entry to carry you along (or of course you may wander off into the hyperlinks). Next time you come to the site you probably wont need to go there again. In the menu on the sidebar "Recent Posts" shows you what is new, including the latest blog posts of the Journey. Or follow on RSS.

There is also a timeline in the side menu that graphically shows our progress.

"The Conversations" shows us the comments we make along the way. I don't much like the formal structure of most web forums, nor the dead emptiness of most areas of them. Only a few threads are alive, and they are divorced from that which they discuss. I much prefer comments attached to the ideas or blog entries they refer to. So comment away and others acn foloow along and find them later with "The Conversations". And of course with Google.

"The Stories" will hipefully be a store of stroies, a set on anecdotes about people in IT, about people-centric change. Please contribute

"The Ideas" is the product of our endeavours. I will capture the ideas we find and create, and we will refine them through comment discussions. One day they will form a valuable reference for us all, and the framework of the book.