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Welcome to He Tangata

This website is now a static archive, preserved for reference only: many functions won't work.

Everything is held together with sticky tape and number-8 wire. But we are on a journey already, a journey that will bring us to an idea and a book and hopefully a lively website, all about He Tangata.

He Tangata is about putting people first in IT. Not technology or process. If we put people first we can achieve efficency and effectiveness. We can transform our processes and improve our technology and leverage our partners. More projects will succeed and more will stay succcessful without backsliding over time. If we put people first.

    Change is about changing people: their attitudes, their shared culture and of course their behaviour. So long as we keep changing processes, partners and technology without addressing people the failure rate will continue.

    This would be a huge additional cost to projects if we factored in cultural change, communication, motivation, training/coaching, feedback/assessment, and all the other people costs that are under-estimated, hidden in operational expenses or ignored entirely. That would be a good thing. if we knew the true costs of making a project successful we'd do a lot less of them and fewer of them concurrently, further improving our success rate.

This is my passion. I know some about training and professional development, about managing people, about process improvement, but I have much still to explore about HR or culture or cultural change as they apply to IT. To create He Tangata I need to learn.

please look around: see the menu above to explore the ideas, the conversations, the links, the journey I'm on...

I'm excited that a model for He tangata is starting to emerge

The book of He Tangata wasn't published: Karen Ferris's book Balanced Diversity did the job for me. But I hope after that we will all go on together, developing the ideas, helping each other out, growing He Tangata as a movement to change the way people do IT around the world, to Put People First. After all, IT is the people.