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ITSM process creates a matrix organisation

From Pink Elephant's ITIL Process Implementation Strategy White Paper

By mandating that departments have to work as cross-functional teams instead of systems
based silos, a variety of fundamental changes need to take place:
o Defined and repeatable cross-departmental processes need to be overlaid
across hierarchal silo-based and system-based organisational structures,
effectively creating a matrix organisation
o New areas of accountability and responsibilities are defined within job
o Values, beliefs, and corporate cultures need to be changed from
unconstructive departmental competition, to customer-focused cooperation
o IT staff working within complex processes need to be provided with more
general knowledge as well as skills required for specialised activities
o To support a process approach, team enabled collaboration tools must
support automate multi-process data integration and enable workflow
o To embed a new processes orientated and customer focused value system
that is characterised by internal IT support team cooperation, continuous
process improvement orientation, and customer focused cultural values,
management must sponsor new staff performance measures that reward
end-to-end service delivery efficiency and provide compensation based on
process throughput rather than silo-based departmental efficiencies
o New contracts must be put in place with existing staff, to clarify new
expectations for performance, based on the new values surrounding
process adherence, customer-based measures of service delivery
expectations and contracted service delivery levels
The key element to success is the realisation that what is truly being endeavored is the
ultimate goal for any process reengineering effort; effective sponsorship and management
of organisational change. To address this, a formal program must be developed with all of
the rigors of a major project.

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