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Accountability drivers

The last step in Kotter’s approach is anchoring the new changes in the culture. The way we do this is through accountability.
We can boil motivation to comply with the new order down to three perspectives: Positive incentives, negative consequences and a sense of personal accountability. While the first two are arguably effective they are short term solutions and will no longer encourage motivation if they are removed. However, a sense of personal accountability is by far the best and most long term motivator to achieve employee compliance.

Kanban for IT Ops

Kanban and other Agile practices were introduced to a very busy IT Operations department for a leading UK website

Speaking difficult truths: SPIKES

SPIKES (setting up the interview; assessing the perception; obtaining the invitation; giving knowledge; addressing the emotions; and establishing a strategy)

Don't be a Change Agent

Avoid the term "change agent."
Gauge the internal hunger for change.
Arrive without a vision.
Go directly to "us".
Act as catalyst not cattle prod.
Surround yourself with new friends.

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