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Situational Leadership

Troy at Pink Elephant reminded me of Situational Leadership.

Ken Blanchard’s model called “Situational Leadership”: The premise of Blanchard’s model is that at various points in a team’s evolution a different type of leadership approach is required.

* Leadership - A process by which a person works to influence others; working with people to accomplish their goals and the goals of the organization
* Leadership Style – a pattern of behaviours you use with others as perceived by them
* Directive Behaviour – Telling rather than asking, focused on structure, goal setting, organizing and asking others to follow
* Supportive Behaviour – Enabling others, focused on taking time to explain and facilitate the learning and growth or your teams

Four Leadership Styles:

1. Directing – high directive, low supportive behaviours
2. Coaching – high directive, high supportive behaviours
3. Supporting – low directive, high supportive behaviours
4. Delegating – low directive, low supportive behaviours

* Enthusiasm - The level of openness and excitement a person has for a task or responsibility
* Capability - The level of skill, competency, history and experience a person has for a specific task or responsibility

capability also passes through the unconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent, unconsciously competent sequence

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